Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Tip Could Mean $100

Quick CHEST TRAINING TIPS plus+ $100 for YOURS?


A buddy of mine, Jeff Anderson, you may have seen him and know him as the "Muscle Nerd", sent me over this email last night asking me to get the word out on some great training he has coming up this week. Plus he is willing to PAY YOU for taking part in the training!

It is not some rebate or discount it is cash given away.

I'm pasting a copy of the email he sent me below so you can check out all the details.

Here you go...

====== My Email From Jeff ======

Hey buddy, can you to do me a favor?

Muscle Specialization Secrets will be released, Monday, October 5th, and this will be my very LAST bodybuilding program.

Muscle Specialization Secrets is a unique training new method that will kickstart new growth even with the most FRUSTRATING muscle group and forcing it to respond. This full-blown MEGA PACKAGE reveals secrets I've fine-tuned over the last 4 years.

You name it, Chest...Back...Legs...Shoulders...Arms...Abs...

...ANY muscle will bend to your will!

Some pro bodybuilders and many of my training clients who needed to bring up lagging body parts have used these methods with great success.

Anyway, this is my first PHYSICAL product I'm putting out (DVD, Manual, buttload of CD's, etc.) and I wanted to see if you could help me get the word out, ok?

Would you mind sending out the following information to your newsletter subscribers to let them know?

You can just forward the information on to them so you don't even need to write anything extra.

LOTS of cool stuff for them beginning TONIGHT (including a chance to get paid $100 each night this week) so please let them know ASAP, ok?

Muchas gracias amigo! ;-)

Here are the details...


1. 6 Nights Of A *LIVE* Online TV Show!


Starting TONIGHT and every night after I'm broadcasting a LIVE TV show on a special "private access" blog I've set up just for the topic of "muscle specialization". On the live broadcast I'll be sharing my BEST TIPS for each muscle group, I will also answer questions and giving training advice.

The broadcast is private and everyone will need to get their free VIP ACCESS PASSWORD.
sign up at: <= Click To Get Access

You can join in from ANYWHERE in the world and listen in for free using your computer's speakers or headphones. Each night covers a different muscle group so you'll definitely want to listen in (and watch)!

2. Read Other People's Tips...Share Your OWN!
I KNOW that there are a TON of "underground muscle nerds" out there who have been holding back on their own "secrets" they're using in the gym. Well, I want THEM to cough 'em up! Each day will cover a specific muscle group and I'm asking ANYONE who thinks they have some unique training advice to share to POST THEIR TIP ON MY BLOG. It can be... ==> Something you discovered on your own through your training

==> Something a friend or trainer showed you

==> Something you pulled out of a 1985 issue of Flex magazine

...I don't care!

If it works and it's "cool"...let us hear it!

PLUS, as my "thank you" for contributing...


3. Each "Tip" Is An Entry To Get $100 Each Day!


Each night, on my LIVE TV SHOW, I'm going to pull out of a hat the
name of someone who contributed a training tip.

The more tips someone submits, the more slips of paper with their
name on it in the hat.

Whosever name I pull out, I'm going to send that person a check
for 100 SMACKERS!

No strings attached...just grab my money and go!

6 muscle groups...

6 chances to offer as many tips as you like...

6 chances to take my money!

PLUS, for even MORE recognition...


4. FREE eBOOK: "101 Bodybuilding Secrets"


I'm putting together a special "compilation" book filled with the
most unique training methods I and my team of deputy "muscle nerds"
come up with.

If I choose one of your comments on the blog then I'll give you
full credit for submitting it.

You'll NEVER have to suffer a boring social life again when
everyone hears you're an "accomplished author" in a bodybuilding book!

Ok...probably not...but it may impress your parents! ;-)

The catch is, ONLY those who sign up for access to the blog will
get a free copy of the program!

So you MUST go and sign up NOW to contribute to, and GET a free
copy of, the upcoming book when it's released.

Just go to: <= Click To Get Access

5. "EARLY BIRD" Launch Headstart!

My "Muscle Specialization Secrets" Mega Package goes LIVE at 12:00pm (noon) CSTD on October 5th. Since this is a giant box with: ==> Printed Manual

==> Workout DVD

==> 6 Audio CD's on "Muscle Specialization Secrets"

==> 12 Bonus "Best Exercises" Videos

==> Complete "Resources Disc" With 3-, 4-, and 5-Day Workout Routines

...I'm only going to have 500 boxes produced for the Oct. 5th

(These things ain't cheap to have done professionally!)

When the site goes live at noon on Oct 5th, a TON of emails are
going to hit people's in-boxes (over 300,000 conservatively!)

BUT...those who sign up for the "Early Bird" notification and
VIP access to the private blog and TV show will get a 1-HOUR
HEADSTART if they want to order the program!

For all I know, we may sell out before we even go LIVE at noon,
but the "early birds" will have first shot at getting a box.

To get on the "Early Bird" list for the special email at 11:00am Oct. 5th
(1-hour advance notice), you'll have to sign up at: <= Click To Get Access
I look forward to hearing from you in the V.I.P. training! Your "Champion For The Average Joe", The "Muscle Nerd" Jeff Anderson

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