Monday, October 5, 2009

Do you have a muscle is giving YOU "the finger"?

It's pretty damned embarrassing, isn't it?

No matter WHAT you do... matter how HARD you train matter what SUPPLEMENTS you take

...there always seems to be ONE SINGLE MUSCLE GROUP that absolutely
REFUSES to grow!


Which one is it for YOU?


Upper chest?

Lower abs?

Maybe your shoulders look more like "tennis balls" than "softballs"?

Biceps not keeping up with the REST of your gains in the gym?

Don't worry, you're certainly NOT alone!

Fact is, GENETICS are going to play a role in not only how EASY it
is for you to build muscle...

...but also the SIZE and SHAPE of every muscle on your body!

Now you'd think that this was a good excuse for you to just throw
your hands up in the air and give up, right?



It's time to show even the
most STUBBORN muscles who's the BOSS!


Here's the deal...

My friend, Jeff Anderson (you may know him as the "Muscle Nerd"),
has just released his latest muscle-building program...

...and it may just be his crowning achievement!

Jeff is a fitness consultant and former U.S. Army Master Fitness
Trainer who is a die-hard researcher and "tester" (hence the
nickname "Nerd")

Well, he's spent the last 4 years fine-tuning a unique training
method that ZEROES IN on your "lagging" body parts" and literally
FORCES them to kickstart new growth.

And I'm NOT talking about the same old "muscle mag" or forum B.S.
that tells you to simply go into the gym and train a muscle like a
madman until appendages start falling on the floor.

Jeff's developed a complete, scientifically-engineered, muscle
specialization "system" he calls...

..."Micro-Burst Training"!


It's CRAZY - And Here's Why It WORKS...



Most "specialization programs" that attempt to target specific
muscle groups DON'T take into account ALL of the body's "anabolic

They try to reduce "plateau busting" to simply "training HARDER".

Some even tell you to "train LESS" to avoid OVERTRAINING.

Problem is...all of these are pretty much just a shot in the dark.

I mean, how do you KNOW whether you're actually training too
hard...or not enough?

Well, being a former "grunt" in the military, Jeff's belief is that
the best a kick ass OFFENSE!

"Micro-Burst" training puts YOU in command of your muscles by
unleashing a programmed "attack" on dormant muscle fibers while
simultaneously igniting certain "hyper-growth" factors your body
uses for mass-building.

Only Jeff's method actually FOCUSES (with "sniper-like" precision)
your body's mass-building efforts...




But there's one more little "SURPRISE"
I need to tell you about...


You see, Jeff's "Micro-Burst Training System" is actually...

...a "Mega-Box" that gets delivered to your DOOR!

I know you're used to me mostly sending you notices about
downloadable programs, but Jeff's pulling out all the stops on this

Not only is he shipping out the entire "Training Manual", but

...full length INSTRUCTIONAL DVD!

...3-, 4-, and 5- Day Workout Guides (for EVERY muscle group)!

...complete Exercise Manual of proven "mass-builders"!

...a software program!

...AND 6 AUDIO CD's!

This is a freaking HUGE package...and a killer deal too!

But you have to go and check it out NOW because he's only had 500
boxes made up and this email is going out to over 200,000
newsletter subscribers across the internet!

So go NOW to...


Trust're not going to want to wait around on this one!

Jason, CSCS

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