Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Muscle Building Upper Body Workout - 11/25/09

Today's workout was an upper body work out. Today was a planed rest day but because of the events of the week I will workout 4 days in a row. The normal plan is 2 on 1 of 2 on then 1 or 2 off depending on how I feel, then the cycle is repeated again.

As with the past upper body muscle building work outs today's has too much pressing, that is something I am going to have to deal with very soon.

Mass Strength Building Workout:

1. Standing Shoulder Press: 3x3 last set to failure
2.a Pull Ups: 3x10
2.b DB Bench Press: 3x10
3.a Hammer Incline Bench: 3x10
3.b Hammer Row: 3x10
4.a DB Nosebreakers: 4x10
4.b Face Pulls: 4x10

I added in the face pulls to help even out the pressing and pulling. I believe that it is better to pull more than press so I may look at getting rid of on of the presses this day. Not sure if i need to do both incline and shoulder press on the same day.

Check out my video on what may be the best assistance exercise for bench:
The best assistance Exercise to improve your bench

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