Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do Low Carb Diets Work Best For Burning Fat?

By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson

Do "low carb" diets burn fat?

In a word?


A recent look at 87 long term studies have proven that when it comes to burning body fat, reducing your carb intake DOES work best.


"Low carb" diets can be VERY frustrating for most people and hard to stick to.

As an experiment last year, I went 10 full days with ZERO carbohydrates.

I mean, not even a blade of GRASS in my diet...straight protein...not a single carb or gram of fat in sight.

I went INSANE!

No, I don't mean that "figuratively"...I mean I LITERALLY went INSANE!

I went from near sobbing fits over my computer not working properly to hysterical laughter at the thought of even undertaking such an experiment.

You see, your brain NEEDS carbs just to function properly so doing without any at all was an extreme example of how your body does need to get some carbs to function.

So how can you burn fat using low carb diet plan WITHOUT worrying about whether you'll be fitted for a straight jacket?

Well here's what I tell my clients of my "Combat The Fat" program to allow them to easily burn fat and still enjoy carbohydrates...

...limit your intake of "dry" carbs and fill up on "wet" Carbs!

This is a little twist I've created that allows you to EASILY reduce the WRONG kind of carbs WITHOUT counting calories and NEVER going hungry.

You see, you need more carbs on training days to help your muscles recover from your exercise. Therefore, you can consume 2-4 servings of "Dry Carbs" on those days (like oatmeal, pasta, bread, etc.)

"Wet Carbs" include most vegetables and fruits and don't contain a lot of carbs so you can eat MUCH more of these each day.

Use them as "fillers" in your diet to keep from getting hungry and helping you avoid the real culprits...those "dry carbs".

I know this is a very different way of looking at the food you eat and doesn't really follow the normal "low carb" pattern.

But it's a glimpse of the way that I'VE structured the RIGHT way to use "low carb" to lose weight and forms one of the foundations of my daily eating guidelines within Combat The Fat.
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