Monday, April 12, 2010

My upper Body Workout - 04/12/2010

 as you can see from the title, today was an upper body workout. I worked chest back and triceps.There was a mix of heavyweight and some higher reps.

In my quest to get bigger and stronger in the gym, here's my workout template for the day.

Bench Press: 5, 3, max reps
TRX Inverted rows: 3x12
Shoulder "Y" Press: 3x8
Neutral Grip Pulldowns: 3x8
Dips: 3x max

TRX "I' T's" and "A's": 3x8 at each position
TRX Triceps Extensions: 3x15

 diet plays an important part in both muscle building and weight loss. Weight comes to being accountable and strict it is a good idea to know how much leeway you have. Check out the post I did that talks about compliance and diet. Just click on the link below.
Click Here  --  Compliance and Diet
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