Monday, August 16, 2010

Free muscle building add ons

Publisher buys 7 Minute Muscle

Looking to build lean muscle, well you will want to read this. Just a quick post to let you know about an incredible offer by 7 minute muscle author Jon Benson.

By the end of the week an Company ABC takes over, "7 Minute Muscle." Not really company ADC but the name has to be withheld for legal reason.

Take over is only a financial one.

John keeps all creative control, he would not have it any other way.

Jon turned down extra money to maintain creative control.


Because I know publishers, And without Jon's input they'll be sure to mess things up, all in an effort to make it more marketable.

Forget that -- it works JUST FINE the way it is.

John is trying to work out a deal tonight to see if he can keep his readers on the "specials" list...

but I don't know how that will go down.

  • Jon lowered the price of 7 Minute Muscle by almost half
  • cut the Advanced 7MM Videos down by OVER half
  • tossed in "7 Minute Body", the in-home version of 7 Minute Muscle....

That's saving you almost a hundred bucks if want everything...

7 min muscle program <<--- going... going....

If ANYONE has been waiting to grab a copy of the world's BEST time-saving workouts for rapid muscle-growth and fat-loss so they could save on the price, this could be the LAST CHANCE for quite awhile - and possibly forever.

P.S. Jon didn't give up creative OR customer service so your will always get new editions freee and top-notch support.

P.P.S. If anyone is thinking...

"No way you can workout just 7 minutes and make progress!"


"That's great for 'bodybuilders'... but I need to get rid of bodyfat!"


"That sounds too EASY to work."


"Take Jon up on his 7 Minute Muscle 7-Week Challenge."

Try it for 7 weeks.

That's it.

If you do not ADD lean muscle and LOSE unwanted bodyfat KEEP everything and get all your cash right back.

this could very well end as of tonight...

Hurry to --->>> 7 minute muscle  <<-- going... going....
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