Monday, August 9, 2010

Full body Workout - 08/09/10

Started of my week with a full body workout.

Hang Snatch

Trap bar deadlift
Wide grip Pull down

Bench press
seated row close grip

Russian leans
ab roll outs
Band lateral raises

EZ bar Curls
Band Rear Delts


David said...

This is a pretty good overall body workout. As a personal trainer you always love to see people doing core weight lifting movments like snatches, deadlifts, and dips. I'm curious, how many sets did you do of each movement?

Grounded Training and Sports Performance said...

Hello David, thanks for reading and the comment.

On the major movements I generally do 3 to 5 sets plus a few warmups depending on how heavy it weight is.

On the smaller muscle groups or assistance work most times I do 2 to 3 sets.