Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoulder Workouts

Standing Military Press Old School Style

Shoulder Workouts

My friend was telling me about his workout the other day and he mentioned an old school standing shoulder push exercise he previously happened upon.

We were talking about how to get muscles fast and the different things we do.

I mention "happened to," simply because that is definitely the way he fell into learning it. When he talked about it I stated to him, I personally use to conduct something quite similar constantly, I referred to the exercise a Pavel Press.

We ended up discussing shoulder techniques and just how you don't ever spot certain methods while working out but just how this amazing old school movements happen to be the go to movement several years ago. Sure chances are you may see a very few fellas carrying out the occasional shoulder dumbbell press, although quite uncommon to view it completed with a single hand, and then rarely carried out the good old school approach.

The same thing goes when considering position. I just can't recollect the very last moment I viewed another person conducting a standing military press. That exercise is a staple in my shoulder routine. In fact it is rare I sit down for any exercise. The same applies for my private training clients too. The do as many exercises standing as we can. Standing military press going old school

Military Press Exercise Old School Style
The military press exercise is the best movement there is when it comes to building big shoulders. If you want to be technical, there are a few variations to the shoulder press so that makes it a new exercise and can no longer be called a military press. Lets just say this is a shoulder press variation. But enough of that...
you want to know how to build muscle, not all the history behind the exercise.

You know workout routines to build muscle, stuff that will make us strong and look like a fitness model.

If you look at pictures of the strong man from a while back, you will notice that they are all doing great feats of strength with one arm. It builds great strength and core stability. It also hits all the stabilizer muscle that you miss when you train on machines.

Single arm military press exercise

At one time this use to be a measure of a mans strength, so I think it is something worth adding to your workout routine.

The One Arm Military Press by Sig Klein (1937)

"Before the Olympic lifts became the standard of amateur weight lifters, as far as champion caliber is concerned, the One Arm Military Press was one of the main tests of one's strength."

Personally I call this a Pavel Press, but feel free to use a descriptive name if you prefer... like, the one arm barbell shoulder press.

Here's how it's done‚

1. first thing you need is a death grip on the bar
2. make sure your core is tight
3. think push yourself through the floor

You can see a picture of me doing it here --->> Shoulder Workout Pavel Press

This is a tough exercise but you work at it and your numbers will climb. Don't ditch the military press, just add this exercise in once in a while.

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