Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Core Strength Exercises

Ditch the Crunch - Best Core Strength Exercise

Never do a crunch again and get the best midsection and abs of your life.

I was watching Rocky the other day, you know the one where he fights the Russian.  Being a fitness nut I love the training scenes.  I also like the garage gym and think Rocky had some great training exercise, but I did not like the hanging crunch.  I will have to admit it looked cool, but not the best thing for great abs and a healthy core.

This inspired me to do a post on the best ab and core exercise.

I recently wrote an article on the best Core Strength Exercises and its progression. It doesn't involve a single crunch or sit up and this one exercise is by far the best ab and core exercise you can do.

Because it is so difficult I have included a few progressions allowing you to build up to it over time. If you try it right off the bat you will find yourself in a great deal of hurt.
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