Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guys You have to check out this "love potion"

Bedroom Blaster Formula

Happy Valentine's Day!

In celebration, I thought I'd stray away from my usual stuff and talk to the "guys" about your... um... "bedroom abilities" a little bit here.

Hope this doesn't offend you, but the fact is a "guy's performance" (you know what I'm talking about) is actually very important to him.

I'm sure you have seen all of the TV advertisements, magazine articles, and internet offers offering men the ability to:
  * "enlarge your manhood" 
 * become a "powerhouse" in the bedroom 
  * buy "little blue pills" at discount prices

The fact is, a HUGE number of men lack confidence in their "ability to please"!

Whether it's "size"..."performance"..."longevity"...or even the ability to "get started", it's an embarrassing situation for many  men...

...and it can even be frustrating for their partners!

But HELP has arrived... 

2 recent studies that may provide some relief for those of you who suffer from E.D...

...OR it may help those of you guys who DON'T have any "issues"  down there, to become a "SUPERMAN" with toe-curling performance!

I'm going to give you the entire "supplement recipe" right now  that was used in these studies...

...but if you're looking to take things to even the NEXT LEVEL, I  have an even BETTER formula waiting for you along with a *Free  Bonus*!

Let me explain...

First, these two SEPARATE studies took groups of men between the  ages of 25-45 who suffered from mild to moderate E.D. that wasn't  related to disease.

They then gave them a dose of 1.7 g of the amino acid L-Arginine  once a day.

After 30 days, 5% of the group were reporting "normal" function  in the land down-under.

Not much to sneeze at, right?

But check THIS out... 

Researchers then added 40mg of the super antioxidant "Pycnogenol"  twice per day along with the L-Arginine.

After 30 days a full 80% were reporting normal erections...

without any side effects !

Adding a third dose of the Pycnogenol increased the success rate to 92.5%!

That's freaking AMAZING!

And in the SECOND study, 50 men were tested with the same combo...

and ALL of them (yes...100%) were back to "normal" after 30 days!

Even if you DON'T have E.D., this supplement combo can result in harder (even LARGER) "apparatus" and increased "performance" with  stronger "O's".

It's a FACT! (Believe me!)

Now both of these supplements are readily available online and you can use this right away.

But I have an even BETTER "recipe" for you... 

A good friend of mine, Jeff Anderson, was interviewed by a noted radio"sexpert" on the topic of "performance" supplementation.

In this interview, Jeff discussed the entire process of what works and what DOESN'T work for men.

Basically, Jeff researched and developed a powerful natural supplement combination (he calls it his "Bedroom Blaster Formula"!LOL!) that will...

  *  Overcome mild to moderate ED problems! 
  *  Offer a cheaper, safe alternative to Viagara! 
  *  Increase the SIZE and FIRMNESS of your erektion! 
  *  Increase the INTENSITY of your orgazms!

Now, don't worry...I'm NOT going to sell you some bottle of supplements!

Jeff actually recommends making your OWN supplements and the recipe he laid out has ingredients that are easy to find and buy and they're guaranteed to make you a "superhero" in the sheets!

Don't believe me?

Here's a testimonial Jeff received from one "challenged" customer...

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Real Email From Charles:

     "Hey Jeff...I'm 72 years old and haven't had an erektion in over twelve years.

     Six weeks after I tried your 'Bedroom Blaster' formula and I woke up one morning with a weird feeling in my crotch.

     When I looked down to see what it was, IT WAS A FIRM, SOLID    EREKTION! It had been so long ago, I forgot what it looked like, let alone what it FELT like! Ha Ha

     Thanks Jeff...I'm back in business!"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Now if this formula works so well for a 72 y.o. man "out of  business" for 12 years, what will it do for YOU?

Get the picture?

Here's how to get YOUR copy of  the "Bedroom Blaster Formula"... 

Jeff is well known for being a real "nerd" when it comes to supplements.

He's spent years researching and developing his own "do-it-yourself" supplement recipes that anyone (yes, ANYONE!)  can make right at home with no special skills or equipment.

We're talking all kinds of supplements, like...

  *  Muscle-Builders 
  *  FatBurners 
  *  Hormone-Enhancers 
  *  Workout Formulas 
  *  Mass Gainers 
  *  And now even "performance" boosters like we just talked about!

He's created an entire STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE that shows you how to make your own supplements with ease.

And get this...

By using Jeff's personal formulas, you not only create BETTER PERFORMING supplements than you can buy at the store, but you'll save as much as 98% on the stuff you're currently buying!

Imagine getting BETTER RESULTS and saving 98% at the same time!

If you're used to taking supplements, that means that you could save hundreds (even thousands) over just the next few years!

He's put up a special website that details his process and it's located at:

Make Your own Supplements
And in celebration of VALENTINES DAY, Jeff is GIVING AWAY the entire interview + "Bedroom Blaster" formula for FREE! (An extra $34.95 value) 

This is a real no-brainer if you use ANY supplements at all!

I mean, Jeff's "Make Your Own Supplements" program is already super-cheap (it's only 27 smackers!) and you'll save literally hundreds of dollars.

How many "programs" actually pay you back?

Go and see just how easy it is AND pick up the special  "performance" bonus while it's up for this Valentines Day 
special, ok?

Here's the link one last time:
Remember it is for this Week Only

Homemade Supplements

You'll thank me (and I'm guessing your partner will be "thanking" you too, eh
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