Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bodybuilders Discover The Best Sets and Reps for Fast Muscle Building

Do You Know What the Best Sets and Reps for Fast Muscle Building Are

If you've spent anytime in and around a weight room, I am sure you have witnessed a host of different rep schemes. Nonetheless there will be one rep scheme which sticks out.

Take a look through any fitness or workout magazine and I would be surprised to find a muscle or fitness atricle without these reps and sets in one of their workout routines.

I am sure you know what I am talking about, 3 sets of 10. Or for the adventurous guys, 3x12.

Some guys under no circumstances stray from their 10 or 12 rep sets.

But is this the most beneficial mix...

possibly there is a far better blend of repetitions and sets. I'm certain you don't want to hear it, but that answer I provide is almost a copout but it is correct....
and that is...

it depends.

I know this doesn't tell you a lot, nonetheless that just happens to be the case.

But to keep it short...

there is no optimal repetition plan. That is because there are lots of issues you need to evaluate when you design your workout program.

See what fellow strength coach and friend Jason Ferruggia says is the best sets and reps for building muscle

For me, I feel I get the most benefits when it comes to size and strength doing 5 reps for 5 sets for most of my compound exercises.

For a powerlifter, they will spend nearly all of their time carrying out singles, doubles, and triples, keeping the reps very low. If you are a bodybuilder or someone looking to build up muscle mass quick, that is not a rep range you will work in.

The accessory exercises have a much higher rep range, somewhere in the area of 10 -15 for 3 to 4 sets is a good plan.

The same holds true with some muscle groups.
* calves
* abs
* forearms
* traps...

These muscles respond differently as compared with your big muscle groups. Here you really are able to get away using much higher quantity. The actual sets and reps have a tendency to be a lot more with these particular body parts.

Best Method

Considering that there really is no one best rep scheme for building big muscles as a bodybuilder you are better off cycling your rep schemes. A routine 4 week long pattern could go like this...

1. Week one of your fitness program could be higher repetitions. Aim for the 12 to 15 rep range .
2. Week two decrease the reps and add weight. Repetitions for this week will not be greater than 10
3. Week 3 do no more than 8 reps.
4. Five reps will be your top end range for you final week.

Your 4 week cycle is now complete. Time to start back at week 1 with the high reps. Be sure to add 5 pounds to you lifts for last month. Even if you do the same lifts from cycle to cycle. The numerous rep ranges are hitting those muscles differently. You are hitting different energy systems, and stressing your muscles differently from week to week. You are targeting different muscle fiber types each week.

Working different energy systems, and stressing distinct muscle fiber types from week to week. Having variation in reps truly helps maximize muscle growth.

For another take on the subject check out How Important are Reps For Muscle Size and Strength

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