Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bench Press Reps Challenge

How Many Times Can You Bench Press 225?

How Many Reps Can You Get On The Bench At Your Bodyweight?

One of the tests used in the NFL Combine to measure strength and endurance of NFL prospects is the 225 bench test.

I believe that DT Justin Ernest holds the current Combine Bench Press Record at 51.

How does your bench stack up?

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the Bench for Reps Challenge

Ever since I got into strength training and lifting, the bench has always been my favorite lift. I wanted to do it all the time and always tried to increase it making all kinds of bench press mistakes. I know I'm not alone in this either. One look around the gym and without question, there will be some guy benching. If you go in on a Monday, practically everyone will be on the bench.

Most guys will be doing it all wrong too. Every time they step in there they try to hit a new 1RM

Maxing out is a most guys main goal. But it isn't the only number important number.

My goal in high school was to bench my weight. Not all that impressive. I was well under 200lbs.  So we're not talking big numbers here.

Fast forward a few years. I can easily bench my bodyweight. So one of the new measure is reps. I want to see how many times it can be done.

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